In the short term, the Method of Geometrical Calculus of Efforts restates Structural Calculus completely, it makes a change at curriculum and professional levels, and an effort in being aware in order to see reality and to forget what is justifiable in itself and wrong.

Additionally, it uses three-dimensional parameters, the ones objects are composed of, in order to establish the true determination of magnitudes of Force and Work of an object Physically, Geometrically and Mathematically. On the contrary, to demonstrate what is wrong in Structural Calculus as it is understood today.

What was stated above demonstrate the invalidity and inapplicability of "Deformation Theory", "Calculus by Nodes", "Flexibility Method", "Method of Rigidity", "Method of Double Integration" and any method based on them as well as their tools; which risks inhabitants and users of structures and buildings calculated by means of these methods since they lack stability and equilibrium.

For that reason, the stability of any structure already built or to be built in the future must be verified, in order to avoid innecessary human losses as ocurred before in the world.

The Method of Geometric Calculus determines the ability to change the application of extreme overloads and work ranges within the elastic period of the material, such as Random and Uncertain factors in the conditions of stable equilibrium of an object, these factors are the ones applied up to now as Security factors which demonstrate Uncertainty in the truthfulnes of the Structural Calculus Methods applied today. They do not consider a minor object nor major ones composed of minor objects as a system in a condition of stable equilibrium, but just as isolated, individual numerical operations and processes.

Nowadays, the Method of Geometrical Calculus of Effort, creation of the Chilean arquitect Lester Navea Lucar, has been patented in Chile and United States. Its publication as a book will take place very soon.

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